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Should Ux Writers Code?

The pros and cons of editing strings in your product. Bugs Bugs, bugs, bugs. During my time as a UX writer, I’ve come across a ton of bugs in the products I work on. And yes, many of those bugs happen to be text bugs. A typo here, some confusing copy there, inconsistencies everywhere. What’s a writer to do?

Should Ux Writers Code?2018-06-03T03:46:34+00:00

How to Stay Scrappy

And keep your team happy.  That Scrappy Spirit If you’ve ever worked on a small team with limited resources, you’ve probably felt it — that scrappy spirit. That itch that gets you going when the going gets tough. That burst of motivation when they say you aren’t good enough.

How to Stay Scrappy2018-05-25T02:40:13+00:00

Making up Metaphors

How metaphors can make or break your designs. Metaphors If you’ve ever taken a writing class, you’ve probably played around with metaphors. A metaphor is when you talk about one thing in terms of another:

Making up Metaphors2018-03-16T02:27:33+00:00

Are App Reviews Worth Reading?

What I learned from reading thousands of app reviews. Reviews I recently read thousands of reviews about our Dropbox app. Call me crazy, but it was the most riveting thing I’ve read all year. I laughed, I cried, I got warm fuzzies inside.

Are App Reviews Worth Reading?2018-02-12T02:23:53+00:00
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